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90th Birthday Celebration!

I had the honor of being asked to capture this families gathering for the guest of honors 90th Birthday!  This family is from all around the country and many flew to gather for this celebration which was held at a gorgeous location in Stillwater at Outing Lodge Pine Point.  I was able to take some candid photos of them gathering for appetizers and catching up with their siblings and families and then we did some more formal family photos for memories to last a lifetime.  I have posted a picture that they had printed for the gathering of “Grandma” in a kayak on Lake Superior at age 89….what an AMAZING woman and I hope I am able to get in a kayak and look like her when I am 90.  I had so many pictures to choose from with my candid photos, but just chose a few of each family to post.  Hope you enjoy!

Tenley Turns 1-Year-Old! ~ Twin Cities Photographer

I was asked to take pictures of this beautiful family and their 1-year-old at Chaska Arboretum on her exact birthday!  It was a beautiful hot day over Mothers Day Weekend and I didn’t expect all the traffic and people to be at the Chaska Arboretum.  I had never been there before but it was absolutely beautiful and full of lots of colors of flowers for some beautiful pictures.  Tenley was a little slow to warm up to me but after some time I got some great smiles from her and her little personality was so much fun to work with.  I loved how these pictures look with so many options of colors.  We even did a little outdoor cake smash at the end which was lots of fun.  Hope you enjoy!

Welcome Logan Stephen ~ Twin Cities Newborn Photographer

Logan Stephen was 19 days old when I was able to take pictures of him.  He was born on April 20th at 7 pounds 13 ounces, 21.5 inches long.  He was a very busy newborn and was home for not many days before he was attending his first wedding that both Mom and Dad were in.  I usually try to take pictures of newborns when they are 5-12 days new and as you can imagine with wedding plans and arriving home it was a little chaotic at home so we waited until Mom and Dad were ready for pictures and Logan did fabulous!    Hope you enjoy!

Belle turns 2!

I had the pleasure of taking pictures of good friends of ours little girl who turned 2.  Belle is seriously the most calm and well-behaved little girl that I know and so sweet and adorable as well.  She was such a joy to take pictures of and had lots of smiles for the camera.  She loves to make animal noises too which helped:)  Oh and she loved playing with the umbrella and I am pretty sure wanted to take it home with her too.  Her eyes are so big and beautiful that they capture the joy of this little 2-year-old in every picture you take.   Hope you enjoy and I can’t believe that Belle is already two…time flies!


Twins are double the FUN! ~ Twin Cities Photographer

There is something about families of multiples that they all network somehow and know each other and I think it is so amazing.  This family found out about me because they know the 1-year-old twins that I photographed a little while back.  Their girls just turned 3 and are ADORABLE!  I was able to go up to their home for pictures and they have a wonderful spot for photos.  They have had a nanny since they were young who was able to come to be in some pictures with them as well.  What a beautiful family !:)


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