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The K Family ~ Woodbury, Minnesota

We were close to having to cancel this session because it rained that morning.  It was lightly misting to begin our session and then cleared and was calm.  This family moved to Minnesota recently and have been enjoying sight-seeing around the area.  The girls are 2 and 4 and were a blast.  They love being silly, making faces, and stomping around pretending to be animals.  They were excited when we were on the farm to see the kitty cat and would smile or giggle when talking about animals.  I had a lot of fun with them and I am hoping I convinced their Dad that photo sessions can be fun and not painful.:) I had a hard time getting both to look at the camera at the same time as they were busy being silly, jumping around, laughing which is why I love those sessions where the kids can have fun and be themselves.  Hope you enjoy the pictures.

Siblings ~ Woodbury Minnesota Child and Family Photographer

This session was shot on a perfect fall day with the sun shining and not much wind. Zoe just turned 1 years old and her older brother recently turned 5.  They did great for the session and Zoe made me work for a few smiles:)  Zander likes to tickle his little sister for some good smiles and it was so cute to watch the two of them interact.  I had a blast with both of them and look forward to future session together.  Hope you enjoy the pictures:)


Fall Colors Delight ~ Minnesota Special Needs Photographer

Awhile back I posted my photography link on an Autism Facebook wall to try to spread the word that I am fortunate to have the background working with children with special needs and also can now say I am a photographer:)  The mother of this family found me from that post on an Autism wall and saved it as a bookmark on her computer as her previous photo sessions had not been successful with their little boy.  I let them choose a location that they were comfortable with and their little boy would feel comfortable with.  We met at a beautiful park in Prior Lake, MN.  When I first met B, he was shy, didn’t want to talk but when talking about his favorite characters I got a few little smiles.  We started the session with family photos, as that usually allows the children to feel comfortable with mom and dad and to warm up to me a little bit.  As time went on we needed lots of movement breaks and we played flying airplanes a little as well as throwing some leaves around to get in some movement.  With children who need to move more, I will often use laying on their belly position as it provides them more input and keeps them calmer for some more posed photos with siblings or individual.  I used a rocking chair for individual photos to provide some movement for B and gave him plenty of time to move in-between photos.  Instead of telling the children to look at me I usually say that my camera is a monkey or animal and have them look for the animal.  B did amazing as did his sister who you can tell has a heart of gold for her brother.  The siblings would get the giggles together and make silly faces at each other and you could tell love each other so much. I am so fortunate to have the opportunity to meet this family.

To the Family…you have a beautiful family inside and out and I am thankful for the opportunity to hopefully have helped ease your stress level for the photo session.  I hope that I was able to  capture some pictures demonstrating the tremendous joy your family has for one another.

Family and Siblings Photo Session ~ Woodbury, MN Child and Family Photographer

I loved this photo session for many reasons.  For starters, Christine and I have run together and trained for marathons together for some time now.  She has demonstrated to me how to push beyond what you feel your personal limit is and to achieve many goals and dreams not just involved with running but in life in general.  She has the most positive attitude about life and we have talked many hours about our children, work, and life in general.  When she asked me to do a photo session of her children and her family at their home I was excited to be able to capture these children personalities that I have heard all about on our runs.  Christine wanted the pictures to be outside their home and in the development of Stonemill Farms to remind the children of where they grew up when they looked back at the photos.  I loved the idea!  Another reason I enjoyed this session is the unconditional sibling love these two have for each other.  I grew up with an older brother that was 2 years older than me and these two reminded me of that stage in my life…what seems like a long long time ago:)  The two kids would literally go from being silly, laughing, and smiling to wrestling with each other.  Hope you enjoy the sneak peek!

Grandparents Love for their Grandchildren ~ St. Paul, Minnesota Portrait Photographer

This session was extra special in many ways.  This family did a photo session with me this spring and I have an extra special place in my heart for children with special needs and their  family.  What these families and children have to navigate through in life is so many mountains that I could write a blog post separately on that itself.  During this session the parents wanted to give the children’s grandparents time to be in photos with their children who they help and spend so much time with.  Will is 5 and has Autism, Nick is 4 and has Spina Bifida and Emma is 2 and is a very busy two-year old.  All together these children are filled with love and keep their parents and grandparents busy and on their toes but put extra special smiles on their faces when they achieve so many things.  As a photographer I hope to achieve my goal to make it fun and stress free for the families and children involved in the photo session but also want to try to capture the pure joy the children bring to their grandparents.  When I asked to take photos of just the grandparents together their were tears in their eyes.  I often find that the parents or grandparents have not taken photos together since their wedding….I love to try to add this into my sessions if I can.  I hope you enjoy.

Gail Vedder - OMG, I LOVE this family! The kids are incredible and the parents so amazing as they were truly blessed to have these kids to raise and what an incredible job they are doing as parents!

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