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Welcome Charlotte Helen Rose “Charlie”

Baby Charlotte “Charlie” was 6 days old the day of the shoot and she definitely had her opinions of how she wanted to be wrapped or positioned.  She was not a fan of being away from mom and we had to work hard at getting the sleeping shots we did.   She didn’t want to open her eyes much but once she was dressed and ready to leave she made sure to open them wide open for one quick shot.   I absolutely love her name and she is so precious….hope you enjoy!


3 month old cutie!

Sidney just turned 3 months on the day of our shoot.  She is absolutely adorable.  She did so good at the shoot and she was exhausted by the end and fell asleep with mom.  I went to college with her mom and we studied abroad together in Australia…oh how times have changed.  Now I am chasing a toddler around and she has a beautiful 3 month old.  I hope to be able to continue to take pictures of Sidney as she is a beautiful blue-eyed little girl.  The last picture…I just love little toes!:)

Lucy Lu makes the blog!

Ok so I kind of forget about our “first” baby sometimes.  Lucy Lu turned 6 this month and she is the best dog ever! We had a slight scare today and a vet trip which for about 45 minutes I was sick in the lobby waiting for results because the vet thought she had cancer.  Come to find out that surprise surprise Lucy Lu is just extra sensitive and it was an infected cyst that burst which apparently on all other dogs never looks like it does on Lucy Lu and the vet thought for sure it was cancer.  So now that I can breathe I finally got around to posting Lucy Lu’s posh photo shoot…LOL!  I was trying to take Kaden’s 2 year photos and he wasnt having it that day so Lucy Lu was my subject for the day and she was totally fine with all the attention!  I do not usually take pictures of Lucy but these make me smile!:)

Joette - Where do I order an 8×10?! What a cutie! Now, can you handle a photo shoot with Wigeon?! 🙂

admin - LOL! I would love a photoshoot with Wigeon!:) Lucy just layed there looking at me wondering why I was giving her so much attention.

2 cute little boys!

This family was adorable.  Amy is out numbered by boys in her family but she handles it beautifully.  Henry is going to be 3 in March and Evan turned 5 months old the day of pictures.  The boys keep Mom and Dad busy and they did fantastic during the photo shoot.  We even were able to do a few outdoor shots in the middle of January with just some light snow flakes falling outside.  I love being outside and am already anxiously waiting for spring!  It was a bit cold but Henry was willing to take a few pictures if he could go down the slide afterwards!:)  Hope you enjoy!



Extended Frana Family

This family is full of energy and love.  They gathered the weekend after Christmas for their celebration and they wanted to get an extended family photo the day after. It was a cloudy day and the kids were running on lack of sleep and increased sugar from Christmas.  I actually got some pretty hilarious shots as the kids made all sorts of funny faces for us as they were not into taking pictures with toys and candy on their minds.   I enjoyed meeting all members of this family and they all truly have something to offer to the large family and you could feel the love in their home.  Hope you enjoy!

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