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Avery turns 1 year old!

Avery’s mom contacted me after purchasing some of her hair pieces for photo sessions.  I absolutely love her work she does for According to L and would recommend checking out her store.  She wanted to have me take photos of her little Avery who just turned 1 and was full of smiles the day of our shoot.  She also had a little time in the studio for some tasty cake:)

Griffin turns 1 year old!

Griffin just recently turned 1!!!  He was one of the first that I took pictures of and how I got this business up and started.  So exciting to see how much I continue to learn and grow as a photographer.  I used to work with his mom and I miss seeing her at work on a weekly basis but I love that we have stayed in touch.  Griffin has the most stunning blue eyes and his little teeth in the pictures make me chuckle.  He also was not a fan of the grass and didn’t so much like it poking through the blanket so we were able to keep him in one place for a little longer than he probable liked:)

So happy together……

Emma is 1 year old…and so adorable!

Emma just turned 1 and is definitely on the move.  She didn’t like to be in one spot for very long but is getting good at walking and moving fast!  I grew up with Emma’s mommy and we were neighbors for many years playing outside and biking around.  I love that we can still get together and have managed to stay in touch.  We captured a few pictures inside but then got lucky with no rain and took most of them outside.  We ended with a cake smash and this was the daintiest cake smash I have seen:)  She was loving the colored circles on the cake more than eating the frosting…to cute!

Spring Mini Sessions 2012


Please e-mail to reserve your spot at by clicking on contact or using the following e-mail:  jjhotujec@gmail.com

Also, I can e-mail you directions to this park if you would need them.

I will update this blog page as times are filled.  I will have available some spring inspired props for different ages.  Please feel free to bring your rain boots, umbrellas, flowers, bubbles, and spring toys or items.  It should be lots of fun.


9:00 BOOKED-K.

9:30 BOOKED-S.

10:00 BOOKED–Y.


11:00 BOOKED-K.




Emma turns 6 months!

I was so excited to meet this family for their photo shoot.  I have always loved the vintage look and try to incorporate it as I can in shoots and when I met this family I was instantly in love!  The beautiful mom and Emma who just turned 6 months old have a natural beauty about them that all the natural tones in her clothing and in our background were just perfect for.  Dad is full of joy with his two girls and the love in this family shows in the pictures.  Oh and the dog is adorable too.   I had a difficult time choosing pictures!  I hope you enjoy and thank you for the opportunity to meet your family.

F a c e b o o k