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Busy Busy 18-month-old Griffin ~ Woodbury Family and Child Photographer

Griffin was one of the first ones I took pictures of when I just started my own business a year ago.  I used to work with his mom and miss seeing her every day but love our photo sessions together.  We took the pictures at Lake Elmo County Park in Minnesota.  Griffin was a little timid when he first saw me and hid behind Daddy’s legs.  Then he warmed up to me and wanted to hold my hand to walk around the park:)  He is full of personality and talking up a storm.  He likes to say “Ready..Set…Go” and usually goes before he even says Go.  We played a lot of chase in the leaves and stop and go to get some great smiles.  He was full of energy and happy the entire time.  At the end we even got some good ones with his “Teddy” that he sleeps with and loves.  Hope you enjoy the sneak peeks and I look forward to our next session as I watch Griffin grow.

Peyton 4-year-old Photography Session ~ Stillwater, Minnesota Child and Family Photographer

Hmmmm…where to start with this blog post.  First of all to those of you that do not know me, this is my niece who is turning 4-years-old tomorrow!  She came into this world a beautiful little girl who from day one knew what way she wanted things and how she wanted them done from sleeping, eating, and being held.  I remember holding her on my lap and looking at her precious little face thinking how amazing babies are and how special she was to me.  Well the story continues as does my love for her as my niece and she is becoming to be such confident little girl it makes my heart smile.  Peyton will always tell you the way she wants a scenario to be played out  — she is so imaginative and creative. Her freedom of expression is not only expressed with imaginative role plays but she also loves gymnastics, dance, art, crafts, and story telling.   Even though she loves dance, being a ‘princess’, ‘cooking’ in the kitchen — she also loves to fish, go on boat rides, be outdoors playing in the sand, hiking, biking, going on treasure hunts, and swimming.  I have had the pleasure of spending a lot of time with her over the years, watching her change, and become this beautiful little girl inside and out.  I can not wait for the journey to continue and watch her through the years grow and become a confident girl, as I am sure her parents feel the same way.

Hope you enjoy the pictures!  Happy 4th Birthday Peyton!:)

I love you very much!

Beach Session for a Family of Five ~ Twin Cities Child and Family Photographer

I had a blast photographing this family.  The atmosphere was relaxed, the kids loved the beach, rocks, sticks, and water.  This couple has three beautiful children who all did great the evening of the session.   I also took 18 month photos of Mikey who kept me plenty busy.  He is on the move and can throw a baseball further than any other 18 month old I have met:)  I had to be quick with my hands and my feet.  He is going to be Daddy’s little MVP!  I had fun photographing this family and hope to see them for future sessions as their children grow.  Hope you enjoy the sneak peeks:)



3-year-old Macie ~ Twin Cities Child and Family Photographer

Macie just recently turned 3 and is adorable!  She loves cameras and seeing her pictures so after a few pictures she always wanted to run over and see it for herself…too cute!  She allowed me to pose her and she was full of smiles.   I absolutely love this session and had fun with this family.  I think Macie may just grow up to be a little photographer for herself:)  Our session took place at the Boom Site in Stillwater, MN and the lighting was beautiful that evening.

Hope you enjoy the blog…I had a difficult time choosing my favorites.  I love all of her little expressions!



Beach Family Maternity Session ~ St. Paul, MN Maternity and Family Photographer

Stunning Mom-to-be with baby number 2!  This beach session turned out beautiful and their little girl is so excited to be a big sister.  She was so cooperative and excited to be in the pictures and touch and kiss her mommies belly.  She is going to be a great big sister!!  This family has been friends of ours since high school and it has been so fun to get our kids together to play together and watch our families grow.  I could not be more excited for this family on their exciting adventure as they look forward to expanding their family with their second child.   Hope you enjoy the pictures…what a truly beautiful family inside and outside.  I cant wait to meet your newest member to your family in the near future.

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