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Waiting for Baby…

I had the pleasure of photographing Dominique.  This was my first maternity shoot and it was so much fun.  We lucked out and were able to take some photos outside in December!  Dominique is due in 3 weeks and I am hoping be able to take pictures of her beautiful little girl once she meets the world.  Dominique is naturally beautiful and has a perfect little baby belly and I know she is so excited to meet her little daughter.   I hope you enjoy!

The Bartels Extended Family

I had the pleasure of taking family photos of this beautiful family.  I grew up by them when we were young and had many adventures together as we lived two houses down from them.  I was asked to take extended family pictures of them and I was so excited and also wondering how I would get everybody to be in one place for a picture at the same time:)  There were kids of all ages and they all did fabulous.  I hope to continue to watch all the younger kids grow and stay in touch with this family.  It was so fun to see everybody together again.

“The family is one of nature’s masterpieces.” George Santayana

Baby Lauren and Family are on the Blog!

I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph Baby Lauren who is 4 weeks old.  Leah is a co-worker and friend of mine and was very patient with me as it was my first newborn shoot.  Since she was 4 weeks old instead of the usual 7 days old for newborns it made it a little more difficult as she has already started to have her opinions about sleeping in certain positions and wanting to stay awake more.  With patience we were finally able to get some sleeping shots and mom was very relaxed and wonderful the entire session.  Dad was even able to stop over for a little bit for a family picture and I had some time with big brother Dylan as Lauren was eating.  What a beautiful family and I so appreciate them allowing me to photograph their newest addition to their family.

Beautiful girls!

It was fun taking pictures of two girls that I have gotten to watch grow from a co-worker of mine.   Audrey turned 2 the day we took pictures and Avery is 5. We lucked out with nice weather late in the season and were able to do them outdoors. Both girls were so well behaved and beautiful girls to take pictures of. Avery loves to pose and smile for the camera and Audrey did so great for just turning 2! I had a hard time choosing which pictures I liked most because their dresses were beautiful and they were full of smiles. The pictures get me in the Christmas spirit!:)

Griffin is already 6 months!

Kenda is a friend of mine and I had the opportunity to photograph her family and her beautiful little boy who is already 6 months old.  We did two different days because the first day was a little windy and we wanted to make sure the dog at home didnt feel left out!:)  Griffin is full of smiles and has the most handsome blue eyes to photograph.  I cant wait to watch Griffin continue to grow.

F a c e b o o k