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Kaden “Lifestyle” Session ~ Twin Cities Lifestyle Photographer

I have been wanting to take pictures and do a blog post for Kaden for a while now but he keeps me rather busy and I haven’t gotten around to it.  First of all for all of those wondering what a “lifestyle” session looks like.  It is choosing either your home or a location of your choice and just being present with your children.  You could be reading books at home with them, cooking dinner, playing in your pool, watering the flowers, or exploring a little town, eating ice cream, etc..  The options are endless and for mine with my little boy who is almost 2 1/2 and loves trains and anything that moves we chose to go visit the train in downtown Stillwater, MN and then we went down by the river for a few pictures and got some ice cream and watched the bridge go  up and down and the boats go by.  During this time I am able to get some shots of him just exploring and some of him with Dad and him having their time together.  This is a great idea for a child who doesn’t like the camera or doesn’t want to do posed pictures or personally for a parent who just loves the natural pictures of them exploring.

As this photography business has taken off and I am loving it I get the pleasure of occasionally doing a blog of my life…right?  I love being a MOM!  It is the best and hardest job I will ever do but so rewarding and amazing.  I love the unconditional love you and your child have for each other.  I love the watching them learn from you and on their own.  I love to see their personality grow with them and expand  in so many ways.  I love cuddling with Kaden in bed at night when he tells me about his day and we say what we are thankful for every night.  I love going on bike rides with him, treasure hunts, and picnics with him weekly.  I love the little moments reading a book to him and just kissing the top of his head as he cuddles into me to read.  I love how every day his favorite color changes and his favorite animal changes.  There are so many little things I love and treasure the moments I can spend with him because they grow so fast.

I will be honest and say that parenting is one of the hardest things you will ever do but so rewarding.  Kaden many times will figure out ways to test the patience that may be running low. He may throw his plate on the ground, spill his milk on purpose, color on the table he knows he shouldn’t, lock Daddy in the garage, run the opposite direction with a smile on his face, and test Mommy and Daddy just for his fun.  Oh the joys of a 2-year-old exploring his boundaries and limits.

Kaden is a busy toddler boy who loves to explore and gets into anything and everything.  He loves trains, cars, any kind of ball he can play with, swimming, books, dinosaurs, biking, going on any kind of fast ride he can, and taking trips with mommy and daddy to the zoo, museum, and parks.  I have to check pockets before doing laundry because he likes picking up leaves, pinecones, rocks, and bugs and keeping them for later.  If there is a small puddle on the ground he will stomp in it to make a splash.  He doesn’t care if it is raining, snowing, or hailing, he would rather be outside than inside.  He will tell you even if he is cold or hot that he not just to be able to stay outside a little longer.  He is a busy boy, but I have to say (I may be a biased mom), but seeing him play with other children he is a very gentle soul who will share with other kids and has great compassion for others that are sad or need a hand to hold.  He will give others hugs and use his manners so easily just to make them feel better.  I am honored to be his mom and he may exhaust me some days but in the bottom of my heart I love him so much and can not wait to see what dreams he will be able to achieve.


Liz - I love those big cheesy smiles! Luckily Liv’s dresses don’t have a lot of pockets othwise I’m sure our laundry routine would be the same! Good work mama!

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